Andrea @sugarbloomcookie

(AS SEEN ON FOOD NETWORK!) Andrea is a cookie dreamer + designer creating stunning cookie works of art that are almost too pretty to eat. (Eat them! Trust us!) She is a cookieprenuer who dreams up amazing ways to bring joy to the world through her cookies. She loves encouraging others and is a mentor in the cookie community.

Tess @sugarbloomcookie

Tess is a cookier and instructional designer living in Denver, Co. She loves dreaming up new business ideas + eating cookie dough

Mik @mikandcookiesco

Mik puts the “Mik” in Mik & Cookies an online platform for cookie inspiration, fun tutorials, and delicious cookie recipes. Complete with an online shop for cookie cutters and baking tools, Mik prepares you for whatever creative cookie you have in mind. Combine her positive attitude, with her love of color and sweet creations, there’s lot of fun stuff to learn from Mik & Cookies!

DoughBoy Spence @doughboyspence

DoughBoy Spence is a professional cookie taster, dough roller, and at-home barista. Oh, and he’s Mik’s butter half 🧈

Anna @tinytudorcookies

Anna Leigh is a cookier and special education transition teacher living in Falls Church, VA with her family. She’s a “glass half full” type of person who loves to connect with other creatives. When she’s not making cookies out of her Tiny Tudor home, she’s teaching cookie workshops in the local community.

Maya @paintedladiespastry

Maya is a hobby baker and cookie artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by jewelry and fiber art, embroidery and illustration, Maya is always dreaming up new ways to translate art and everyday items into cookies while exploring different textures and mediums.

Hellen @dportsweets

Hellen is the owner and baker of Dportsweets a home bakery located in Los Angeles, CA. Besides making pretty and delicious small treats and cakes, Hellen loves to go on hikes with her family, working out, and always looking for the next DIY project. Recently Hellen competed in the Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge!

Lucie @lucie.bakes

Lucie is a Vancouver-based Professional Graphic Designer turned Sugar Artist, and Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge Winner!

Blayre @getsweetaf

Blayre is an artist and cookier living in Seattle, Wa. She loves learning and experimenting with new materials and techniques.

Morgan @morgan_g_co

Morgan G. is connecting people through cookies.

Dani @grazeandprovisions

Formally trained in architecture, Dani has taken her passion for layout and design and transferred it to the plate. She loves goat cheese, pink wine and bringing people together over food!

Malek @frostedbymalekbinns

Malek is a cake and cookie artist living in Houston, Texas. He loves making money, dancing in the kitchen and obsessed with gummy bears.

Sana @sugarbase_

Sana is a UK based baker and content creator, whipping up all things from cookies to cakes and cake pops. She runs her business full-time and loves to bring positivity to people through her platform!

Murrah @burntcookiesbymurrah

Murrah is a cookie decorator and elementary school teacher living in California. Her favorite part of running a business, Burnt Cookies by Murrah, is combining her love of teaching and baking to bring you cookie classes!

Danielle @sprinkleandwhisk

Danielle is a designer turned cookier. She’s always renovating + tackling DIYs!

Amanda @themakersuite

Amanda has been in the finance industry since 2008. Her passion is to help small business thrive in what they’re good at and help relieve them of the anxiety of finance and budgeting.

Shaquana @tier_couture_bakery

Shaquana from Tier Couture is a baker and cookier out of Georgia who makes amazing cakes and macarons! Her macarons are awe inspiring and beyond creative, from cereal to wine infusions you won’t find macarons like hers anywhere else!

Heather @styledshootsacrossamerica

Heather is a nationally recognized and professionally certified event planner. Heather’s work can be found on magazine covers across the world and every major blog in the industry. She is a big supporter of community over competition and loves to aide other creatives in expressing their ideas through design and inspirations.

Our Featured Spanish Speaking Instructors:

Joliette @cookies_jm

Soy mamá de una hermosa niña, esposa y Diseñadora Industrial. Amo todo lo relacionado al arte, es por esto que el mundo de las galletas artísticas me atrapo completamente, es una bella forma de expresar toda la creatividad que llevamos dentro.

Paulina @bypaulinamg

Mi nombre es Paulina Mendoza, tengo 23 años y actualmente me preparo para graduarme de la Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas. Sin embargo, el tema de negocios y marketing de los mismos es mi segunda pasión, ya que, tengo más de 7 años de experiencia como Repostera, Decoradora y Diseñadora de Pasteles. Emprendí mi negocio de pasteles a los 16 años, pero amaba el mundo dulce y sus preparaciones desde los 14, solía pensar que sería mi hobby, el que haría llegando de la oficina o en los fines de semana, pero se convirtió en la pasión de mi vida y la razón por la que despierto feliz diario.

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